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IT Consultants help the client businesses to decide what computer tools and technologies are best suited for them to sustain and grow a business. Our team of Technology experts is quite verse with latest technology and networking trends. Technology Consultants are trained to advise small business owners to get the most out of their software, hardware and networking systems as well as to implement the best software solutions for smoothing and synchronizing the task of big players for whome the time and manpower management is more important to increase the output and profit returns.

We help company's confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.

IT Infrastructure

RITS give the consultancy support to the clients for every IT based need focused on the Key Business Situations :

IT Strategy Making: Technology helps companies transform themselves and grow their business. We support our client who are stepping towards a heavily technology dependent change, we help them to identify the optimal future state of this, analyse its alignment possibilties with business needs, and then jointly develop an implementation blueprint.

IT Performance Improvement: Underperforming IT structure, which is a very common problem of today, negatively affects business performance. RITS works with companies in need of assistance in their IT efficiency issues, which limits to, not only reducing of costs, but to improve and develop capabilities that enable innovation, efficiency and best fit combination of man and machine. Thus we optimize your IT infrastructure and enhance business performance.

IT Refresh: We help companies to plan and manage the changes in their systems to accommodate the comingb changes in the business structure. Many companies face a mismatch when it comes to the ability of their IT infrastructure to fulfill increasing customer expectations and to run with the same proficiency in more advanced IT environment. RITS experts, play a role at this point, to transform the legacy IT in a way using our proprietary benchmarks, diagnostics and a detailed and tested approach, which helps the business to stand angainst all the coming challenges.

IT project effectiveness: We not only suggest you the corrective measures but help the clients maximize the business results from major technology initiatives, including turnaround programs. We help executives evaluate the case for investment, set up projects for success—or place current projects on the right track—to ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.

Benefits for small business:

1. Providing external, objective advice. An outside consultant can provide advice on how to proceed with various technological changes, upgrades and other choices that affect a small business and its daily operations. A good outside Technology Consultant does not bring to the table any bias or preference that may be seen with inside staff that may have personal reasons to cling to a given technology.

2. Offering specialized expertise. Outside Technology Consultants are trained to provide specialized expertise that may not be available within one’s own organization. Hiring an outside consultant gives access to his or her specialties without the costs involved with training in-house staff to perform the same duties.

3. Working as temporary staff. Small businesses often have temporary, one-time project needs that do not require hiring staff on a full-time basis. Hiring outside Technology Consultants for project work is typically more cost-effective than hiring permanent staff that may be underutilized in the future.

4. Outsourcing all or part of a company’s IT needs. Some companies may not have the budget nor the desire to hire in-house staff to provide for their IT needs. Outside Technology Consultants can make recommendations as to what can or cannot be outsourced; said consultants may also perform the services they recommend for outsourcing. For many businesses, outsourcing IT services allows them to focus on their core competencies instead of wasting time and effort on yet another infrastructure issue better suited to specialists.

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