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SchoolTech-PRO :: Perfect Solution for Schools, Colleges, Training Institutes:

SchoolTech-PRO :: Perfect Solution for Schools, Colleges, Training Institutes:

A very efficient ERP solution for your School/College/institution to make it much smarter with a unified platform to connect Students, Parents, Teachers and Administration together.  This connection makes the operations better and streamlined.

With its extensive approach it covers all the aspects of the operation right from the admission query up to handing over the TC to student and on the other hand from issuing a gate pass to a visitor to purchase of a single chalk in the school.

The key modules included in our ERP are as follows:

Gate/Reception/Inquiry Handling
Fees Management
Online Fees Submission through Debit/Credit Card and net banking including real time Data updating.
Attendance/Notice in classroom
Store & Mess management
Result Management
E-portal providing online access to different modules by students, teachers and admin.
Mobile App for smart approach

Key Features:

Student Management System: All the important information about activities, fees and performance of a every student is managed and can be displayed on a single click to the admin, teachers or parents to maintain transparency in the whole loop.

Online School Fee: A full proof system to deposit school fee, from any place and at any hour of time, online using Debit/Credit or net banking can be a comfortable solution for parents who are busy and feel pressure in coming to school and depositing fees while waiting for their turn.

The best part being that the amount paid online starts immediately reflecting in the school server i.e. we provide the facility of real-time updating the school server. Normally the data is updated once or twice in 24 hrs. after the bank sends MIS. Real-time update also avoids the issues of missing or duplicate data.

Interactive School Portal: Included with the RITS SCHOOLTECH ERP is an attractive and interactive online web portal. It’s a role based solution with individual login panel for every registered individual, every member can login and perform the functions according to the role assigned to him/her.

The online feature gives access to different modules like Home work, Remark, Result, Appointment, Discussion Board, Library, Blog, Students post etc.

Mobile Application: Now a days having an android smart phone in quite common so taking the benefit of your gadget we provide a very user friendly android app for the RITS SCHOOLTECH-PRO ERP that can be downloaded and installed through google play store. So now all the registered members with smart phone in their hands can get the alerts, push notifications on regular basis and they can view the progress of their student whenever they wish.

Easy and Bug free implementation and integration: Fully tested bug free system with no installation hassles. Just approve and RITS Team is all there to take responsibility of installation and implementation.

We have great techies who train you and make you perfect  to use this in a very short time span.

The Benefits for the School/College/Institution:

  • Improved Education Quality
  • Transparency between parents, teachers and admin
  • Improved communication and well informed parents
  • Cost Effective
  • Better Online Presence
  • Enhanced Goodwill and demand
  • Access from anywhere.

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