Domain Backorder

Domain BackOrder

Oops you missed to book your required domain?


Missed to renew your domain in the due period?

No issues! we provide the facility to get your domain back…


 Back Order:

Many times we require a particular domain name but unfortunately it is already booked and could not be acquired by us, at such moment we can opt the method of back-ordering for such domain name.

What is Back-ordering?

A service provided by RITS with the help of which you can register a required domain before it’s date of expiry or while it is in the redemption period so that the company can keep a track and book the domain for you as its drop date is reached.

Every year many and many domain names are left without being renewed by the domain owners and get expired on their date of expiry. After the date of expiry it goes into redemption period, a grace period, where the domain can still be renewed by the Domain Lease Holder and if the owner needs he can get it retrieved by paying the charges to the Domain Lease Owner. As the redemption period gets over the domain gets deleted from the registry and could be never retrieved.

As the domain is deleted from the registry it is released for the new users to book it. So if you want to book the domain you will have to wait until the domain drops. The date when the domain is deleted from the registry is called the drop date and it gets released near this date to be booked by the general users.

If a domain is registered under backorder with us we make sure that we grab it for you as soon as it is released for rebooking and as per our records we have been 100% successful till now.

Who will need to register a domain under backorder?

A business who wants to open a website on a particular concept and a domain name related to that is already booked, here through backorder we can try to attain it if the domain has been not renewed after its expiry.

A business needing a website on the name of its organization and domain name is already has been booked by someone.

A Person or a company having a particular domain and misses the date of expiry can also apply for backorder to re-attain its domain.


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February 18, 2018 at 5:33 pm

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